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lllustrator | Graphic Designer | App Developer

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Projects developed during the Full-Stack Web Development Ironhack Bootcamp

Marujito Adevntures Game Cover

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Marujito Adventures

Single-page browser collision game
JS · DOM · Html · CSS
keywords: constructors, states, scoreboard
· Github repository ·
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Epic Planner!

Multi-page browser app
Microplanner to create day-plans and routes
Node.JS · MongoDB · Handlebars
keywords: models, authentication, Backend rendering, Google Calendar + Maps API, pair-programming
· Github repository ·
Start being Epic!

Sign It Cover

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Sign It

Single-page browser app
Customized Sign Language Library
Node.JS · MongoDB · React · Styled Components
keywords: models, components, Backend (REST API), CRUD, authentication, responsive
· Github repository (frontend) ·
· Github repository (backend) ·
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